Reviews for "Pyroscape 2"


Probably the first Point and Click adventure I completed without a walkthrough!
Was pretty funny.

Ima have to go back and find the secret medals though.

Fro responds:

Only one is hard to find. :)

Uhm yer...

...was this game now rather creepy or funny? I can't decide =D
But it's atleast a new idea and different from all I've seen so far and thats rare. I had to laugh a few times aswell so if this was meant to be comedy you did a good job on that aswell. Youre right about the sound quality, it could be better. And there were two minor click bugs, but could have just been my pc(it likes to mess stuff up for no reason).
This was Okay, such a high score mostly cause of the very nice idea =D

Fro responds:


Lol.. liked it!

Another kind of game :)
Great work!

Fro responds:

is different isn't it?

liked it but...

i can't get past that part where i have to press those keys to jump over the fire... how do you do that?:)

but overall good game!

Fro responds:

Read the very first thing in the author comments. There was an error on my part that I pointed out the first day.

Come back and try to beat it again!

cool game

very creative to use real photage rather than drawings, and pretty funny plot

Fro responds: