Reviews for "The Noob Bunker"

quite enjoyable

really enjoyed that, specially the way the its contrasted as like skilled people where properly drawn and the noobs were all sketchy. loved the 'noob slayer'. If you create another or something similar use voices, would make a much bigger impact then just text. but other then that, Great job


it was just so great !!!


So epic. This blows your mind. The music for the noobs is lovable. Needs a game. Bigtime

funny as hell

just funny as hellllll

Short and sweet.

That WAS a good way to get rid of dem n000bs. And the 9000 on the side of those guns? Nice...XD. The music also made this a lol fest. Also, this was one of the rare films where you made the fight speed able to watch without being dumbfounded. A nice flash to compliment the wide arsenal of pivots you have going for you. Nice job. :)