Reviews for "The Noob Bunker"


u love to much dude....

Nothing Special

Nothing special, but nice try. :/

I liked that there where colorful stickies, but anyway.. It's too simple and has no story :/

I am wondering, what does it show you..


WTF was that??? antone can "doodle"

I loved the part where

It ended. It's a peice of shit. It could have been worse, sure. you did shit I dont have the technical capability to do, sure. and it's easy to critique when you don't have to put yourself on the line. but guess what? I know what I like and it wasnt this. no plot. no art style (because you failed to use stick people creatively). I just saw a bunch of blood which isnt funny because it lacks what we call context. you had basicaly a joke that was never funny without a punchline or a set up. it's like barfing on your grandmothers naked back and spelling 'tit's' and expecting any one to laugh. basicaly, looks like a class flash animation project that you didnt have alot of time on and just did for a grade. and for the love of christ mw2 is not a source of comedic geniouse unless your playing it and if fucks over your enemy. but only if your playing it, not referencing it.