Reviews for "The Noob Bunker"


Death to Noobs :)

Awesome idea! xD

I loved it! Awesome! Just hilarious! xD

Although, you should add a replay button!

Nice job on the guns but the part where the zooming took place was laggy:
to fix that, make the background into a picture, then tween. it wont be as nice
but it wont lag. Nice job on the rocketlauncher as well!

All in all, nice!

Hyun1990 responds:

When you make something like this, you can come back and review here, k? :)

And when I say 'make something like this' I mean not decompiling the swf and tracing scenes from the anim like you do on your other animations.

Actually... nevermind. Never review any of my animations again.

lagg but still cewl

a bit lagy but still cewl lolz i love teh part when the guy says MOTHER OF GOD NOOBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lolz XD


Not bad! Not bad at all! And I love the warcry "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBS!"

Yeah I kind of am a noob XD I can't even figure out how to use the frames on Photoshop. I do a decent-looking terrain and stickfigure on froame one, go onto frame 2, and change that one a little bit to make the stickman move, but then frame one looks the exact same. I keep making more frames, until I decide to test it for real: I completely erase frame 10, and all of the other frames from 1 to 9 are erased as well. Help? Or should I stick (pun both not and totally intended) to Vectorian Giotto? Pm me if you can help. :)