Reviews for "The Noob Bunker"


Use your damn brush smoothing!!! i watched this on Fluidanims.com 1st and im glad its on here too :)


I never thought I'd ever see such a thing as a GOOD stick movie, though I guess you certainly showed me! Don't really understand the entire concept of the movie, but perhaps it is something that is beyond average human comprehension. Sure, it's a bunch of Military-sticks fighting an army of poorly-drawn "noob" sticks, but I think there is probably more to this movie than that.

I suspect themes of elitism and racism, civil unrest and oppression caused by a police-state government that borders on a dictatorship. Those "noobs" are freedom-fighter rebels that are opposed to the harsh rule of the militaristic sticks and are woefully mismatched in more than one way, but are willing to die for what they believe in. Truly an admirable bunch, if a stupid one.

Despite the deeper meaning behind it, the movie itself is actually very average. A short stick movie with guns and unnecessarily violent deaths does not an award deserve, but I am in no position to rip on that achievement. The animation is poorly done on the "noob sticks" and there is very minimal animation on the ones that have guns. The gun graphics were pretty well made, as if they were traced from images, making them look like the real deal. The music fit in well with the action and the sound effects were what made this movie stand out, IMO. My biggest problem with this is that the Flash was too short and had no coherent story other than "LOL SUM NUBS GET SHOT AND GO BOOM!"

It wasn't very funny for a comedy, though as an avid gamer, I can definitely see it as a parody of "noob" player archetypes. Perhaps if you were to expand on that concept and make it into a real parody instead of a nonsensical short, you can really make the movie something else.




lol :P poor noobs died XD

very funny

noobs piss me off whats the name of the song?

lagg but still cewl

a bit lagy but still cewl lolz i love teh part when the guy says MOTHER OF GOD NOOBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lolz XD