Reviews for "Bakame"


The graphics are fantastic! Towards the end the levels become really challenging to master. I especially liked the music, well done!



If you can do so good graphics, do not spare it in doing such a bad game... Could entertain 5 years old children, but I do not think NG audience is so young.

Basic gameplay. Basic like hell. Would be okay if it were hard, but it is not. Too slow. Good idea in the catapult though, but too hard to handle, and you don't want to spend time on mastering it.

Drop this project, and do another one more appropriate.


speed it up,too slow

Love it

I like the cutesy drawings and the name for some odd reason sound Japanese. I enjoyed playing.

Nice and simple concept

This is a good platformer with good visuals, simple concept and suitable music for some of its stages (like the desert ones). I found the game fairly enjoyable, although I felt that jumping, a basic action, was relatively slow to perform.

Good work.