Reviews for "Bakame"


This is probably the most boring flash game ive ever seen!

Most annoying soundtrack in the world!

Thank god you added a feature to mute the music because that was the most annoying song in the world. It was simple and boring but I guess it could be entertaining to the simple-minded or the young ones.

Interesting, Simple Game

I like the art style, and the game play is average with platforming. Some improvements I recommend is trying to change the slingshot system so it is possible to aim in any directions.

Basically a Mario-clone

As a game goes, I really didn't see anything original other than the artwork. That's not to say this is a bad game, just that it's been done. The only issues that I had with it were that the music was a little annoying and the graphics a little choppy. I'd have to check on my Win7 system to see if the graphics thing was a real issue or not, as it happens sometimes on my Linux system no matter how well the game is done.

If I had to make some suggestions to improve the game, I would say that an introductory story - even a poor one - goes a long way toward adding flavor to a game. I think it would help. Adding a volume/mute button for the music would be a welcome feature, and an instructions page (despite the simplicity of the gameplay) would also be appreciated. You could use the instructions page to set up some background too, if you like.

Hope that helps.


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