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Reviews for "Drow's Fury"

I miss some moves !

The character had only few repeative moves and magic, thats it..Also no range weapons.. But the idea was good , so 7 :)

Almost perfect

Some recommendations for the next game.

-Ending sucks (Only 1 single pic with some words as an ending?)
This game started great but the ending was bad and so simple and lacking.

- It is so annoying checking each drop to see if is better from what I am currently wearing. So for the next game add a shop or some gems or something that can be used to upgrade your equipment stats you want on your weapon or armor and make the custom weapon yourself.

- Add some towns it is always so fun to explore a town in RPG. Yes I wish I could had explore the dark elf town

-Add Secrets so if you complete secrets you get secret weapons and armor.

-Add a map if you want to visit each different towns

-Make custom design for each weapons & armor =P not change the color only that is kinda cheap.

-Add Boss fights! I was expecting to fight the Dark lord for the last level not some giant stone golems.

-Add more Story =)

I loved this game. This the kind of game when you finish it you feel sad :(
By the way i loved the time slow Skill it is so awesome =)

Xplored responds:

Drow's Fury is one story in the story. If you play our former fantasy games like Methus Tower Defence and Season of War you'll feel the whole world around the sotries. If you wanna see how the Dark Lord is killed, just play Season of War and then Methus TD.
Regarding your design suggestions... well there all a lot of good ideas and we know how a great RPG should be but we have to achieve that result step by step investing time and money on more and more complex titles, with the poor budget of this flashgame market :-D
But we'll keep on and we'll arrive soon or late where you said :-D

the one in the loading is creepy

next time make it more less scary so i give

Xplored responds:

We always refer to some cult movie of '80s. That's Psyco!
So if you felt it scary it's good :-D

For the last time, I'm NOT Drizz't.

Fun little romp into the world from Methus' tower defense (or so it would seem). Poison fog is no longer an OP kill move and the game seems fairly balanced. Its stat system seems to favor dumping all your points into one or two stats, and doing that with magic can be really difficult early on, but its not a game breaker or anything. The drops seem almost too random. Got a random drop at the beginning that I didn't end up replacing until two or three levels down the road. Would have liked to see more equip slots/types and "spell wheel" (or more appropriately "spell triangle") entries. Overall, a fun, but linear RPG with an interestingly implemented (if somewhat limited) spell system.

Xplored responds:

THanks. This is our first step into the RPG world. We'll keep an eye on all your comments in order to invest on richer RPG titles isoon :-D

I like it

I like how it's got an original story with a Drow that isn't Drizz't. It's also pretty hard, so definately some praise there, and it's got good RPG elements. All around, it's a pretty damn good game. 10/10

Xplored responds:

Thank you!