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Reviews for "Drow's Fury"

Theres a great story here .the love will against evil . so charming story! . I love the game even when frustration can come in the 6 night to rescue your beloved princess. Drow as dark elf is a master weapon master and sub sequent master mage by destiny. the fighting gives me memories of the legendary Spartan greeks that could fight skillfully swarm hordes of enemies.

The final is charming but the future of the couple seems full of perils . the future can suggest:

1. Our hero and his beloved would live hidden forever as hermits / nomads until the heat on them dies.

2. A saga of another journey to kill the queen of the drow army and once our hero is king guess what? a third saga featuring a war to the dark lord ruler of the world and unify an era of light between drows and other races .

Maybe Im dreaming but peace is the mayor goal of the hero on the long run. awesome game !

hey ones of the explorer i wanna now you will made another games with same features like season of war metheus tower defence or trolls rage.to contaqins the same features :same goblins orcs ogres trolls and you know this things...

nice but

Individual enemies were lacking never big enough, slow time seemed the quickest way to win.


another awsome (AS!) game made by Xplored!
great work!
bearly lags
%u2022gameplay is awsome!
%u2022bearly lags

Awesome character!

Awesome character! Drow rulez!