Reviews for "Skid Mk"


Kick ass graphics for a flash game!!! Great job keep on doing more games like this!

Very good game

Reminds me of the game Wacky Races(2000)(Have it on the PC)

Awesome Fun

Sure it's similar to Mario Kart, but who cares!!! so much fun :) levels are cool, game is addictive and funny, I love the god and devil stitched together + the first 3D flash game i've seen, well done I say ^_^~!!!!!

Racing, (sing-song) love it!

I love racing games, it just keeps asking to put stuff on my computer, other then that, (sing song) love it. what are the last two people by the way? I just know, Fudder, Roman bot (my racer all the time), Godfer (what is he supossed to be? a cross between God and Lucifer?) and Mr.fish.

one my favs

one of the best racing games on ng! felicidades