Reviews for "Skid Mk"

not bad

but it's your basic mode7 and as such suffers from jerky turning and pixelated graphics. The addition of 3D does slow down the game. I usually have no problems with slowdown on this PC but with this game there is some, not much but even the slightest amount is a killer in a racing game.


This game has its own atmosphere. It remined me of old games like FZero, so the graphics were quite nostalgic. Some level designs are very nice, and very wacky characters you got there.

Now my problem was that I only had to push the acceleration button, and never did really need the brake. Perhaps when hitting something, the speed decrease should be much bigger.

Cool garphics and accessories...

but what is the point in collecting coins if you cannot purchase anything with them?

It's ok...

While it's an absolute ripoff of mario cart that doesn't always work so well, the psuedo snes graphics are a plus.

Eh, its all right

Its an ok game. the way u describe it, it made me think that the graphis could of been alot better. the game play is a lil dated. but some times old is good. i would be nice if there was a save feture where u could leave in the middle of the race of turny and come back to it later.
so its alright, not great, but not horiable