Reviews for "Skid Mk"


The overall look of the game is great and is very pleasing to the eye. The gameplay could have used some work, such as more weapons and powerups to use. I love the engine and it reminds me of a early PS1 or MS-DOS game

I liked it!

I think for a flash game the 3D effects were really good, the music was pretty cool aswell, unfortunately the mario kart style racing has been done too many times so you may have to try a new approach with gaming genre.


reminds me alot of mario kart 64

not bad

but it's your basic mode7 and as such suffers from jerky turning and pixelated graphics. The addition of 3D does slow down the game. I usually have no problems with slowdown on this PC but with this game there is some, not much but even the slightest amount is a killer in a racing game.

Cool garphics and accessories...

but what is the point in collecting coins if you cannot purchase anything with them?