Reviews for "Skid Mk"

Amazing Game

I believe this is one of the best games here in newgrounds, The problem is that the majority of the NG users are little kids who never got to even play the original mario kart, so they call this a rip off, even though it has way more advanced graphics than the original. The weird characters is part of the humor in the game and I really like this style. Reminds me of captain underpants and ren n stimpy. Great game. People say it has bad graphics, where do these morons come from. Any 3d game in here is considered good graphic. Regarding the maps, I understand why they are f-zero style. For fps and low lag.


That was so cool! I'm pretty impressed with the 3d, this game must have taken ages to make! I thought that your style was pretty neat.


Kick ass graphics for a flash game!!! Great job keep on doing more games like this!

Awesome Fun

Sure it's similar to Mario Kart, but who cares!!! so much fun :) levels are cool, game is addictive and funny, I love the god and devil stitched together + the first 3D flash game i've seen, well done I say ^_^~!!!!!

one my favs

one of the best racing games on ng! felicidades