Reviews for "Skid Mk"

great cart racer

i loved it, the charm and humar was great, the levels where exallent and the characters where awsome, the difficulty was good, only grip was the very few "power ups" and it would be a great multiplayer game, but those dont hamper the fun one bit

Great Game!

Salient points:
> This game is 3d, and a good 3d game too, not many games are in actually *good* 3D condition.
> Reminds me of the good old Mario Kart...
I'm gonna add it to my favorites and download it! Had a good PC so experienced no slowdown!

P.S It could have been multiplayer, and if it was then it would be a competitor with Project Torque :D


hahah good game :) i spent almost 3 hours to finish it
good work !

Very very nice

This game kept me going for hours. I think that it is a very good Mario Kart clone and done very well.

Someone noted the "bad" graphics... don't listen to them... this has great graphics. Very nicely done.

Keep up the good work.


1 one bst fun car racing game