Reviews for "Skid Mk"

great cart racer

i loved it, the charm and humar was great, the levels where exallent and the characters where awsome, the difficulty was good, only grip was the very few "power ups" and it would be a great multiplayer game, but those dont hamper the fun one bit


This is very very highly polished. Great game guys. Although I gave it a 8/10 because I would have won a race in first but I used the bird powerup and it attacked me instead of the guy who was right in front of me!!

Also the respawn needs to be a bit smarter, it often spawns me into death or facing the wrong way.

GREEAT game though :)


Really cool to see some 3D here on newgrounds :)
It looks like there has been put a lot of effort into this submission, great job!

I am wondering, what 3D library are you using? Papervision? Away3D / lite ?

Also, I noticed that the character & car have a lot more polys then the road/envoirment have. I think players have their attention on the road and not on their character, so maybe it wasnt such a good choice.

conixgames responds:

Glad ya like the game Basez! We bin workin really hard on this one! I created a 3D engine from scratch for the game. I guess id call it Conix3D, Its super geared towards games and speed :)

Great Job

Favouriting this one. Anyways good graphics and game play. Just kinda boring but great ideas. Please do make a sequel

It's ok...

While it's an absolute ripoff of mario cart that doesn't always work so well, the psuedo snes graphics are a plus.