Reviews for "Skid Mk"

Great Game!

Salient points:
> This game is 3d, and a good 3d game too, not many games are in actually *good* 3D condition.
> Reminds me of the good old Mario Kart...
I'm gonna add it to my favorites and download it! Had a good PC so experienced no slowdown!

P.S It could have been multiplayer, and if it was then it would be a competitor with Project Torque :D

not bad

but it's your basic mode7 and as such suffers from jerky turning and pixelated graphics. The addition of 3D does slow down the game. I usually have no problems with slowdown on this PC but with this game there is some, not much but even the slightest amount is a killer in a racing game.

You Made Poop, I Rated It Poop.

I gave this an ironic 1/5 "This Makes Poop Look Good", because that's about all it does.

I'm sorry, but it's not 1992 anymore, Mario Kart is great when it's done well, but this is poor, scat-themed, scat-deserved work.

Additionally, I think we're all sick of SEEING FLASH ADVERTISEMENTS IN GAMES.

PLEASE, if anything, make a SMALL INTRO CLIP, like Armor-Games, or Valve does.

conixgames responds:

thanks Andy for your feedback, I guess the game isn't for everyone so that's cool if you're not a fan.
Although I have to say that you taking issue with the ads at the front is quite uncool. You do realize you get to play this game for free? Developers and designers spend months making these games and all you have to do to enjoy that hard work is sit through an advert while the game loads... is that really the worst thing in the world?


TIP: If you hit Boosty Beans, youre the winner!

Great game! Fun under the influence of _____.

I played through the first 6 races, and it was great! The reason why I rate this 8/10 is because I would assume there are other people like myself on(wow??) a cruddy computer. The game runs slow for me, and I don't think it should be this way, so I compensate and rated this 'all my 5 are belonging to this submission!' despite my 8/10 star rating.

1) Good physics!
2) Great layout with maps and design!
3) Lots of stuff to do.(Unfortunately, my computer apparently is too crappy fx5200[I know.] 512mb RAM and a 2.8GHz '03 Intel CPU) Any way to fix the sluggish performance for slower computers??
4) Would highly recommend a sequel if;
a) Had more weapons(in puffy cloud they looked better/not cheap-like.)
b) Could fix re-spawn bugs that spawn you to death/into walls
c) Detailed a LITTLE more of 'what is a wall and what is not' for the first time-players of that particular level.(Not too much of a bad thing, but some times walls&/hitboxes aren't so apparent and you may fall off/hit a wall with not knowing it's there...)
5) I will play this game again if I get onto a good computer!!

Great game, it's beautiful to look at (from a 90s gamer perspective ;) ) and is fun to play! I find myself drifting and trying to make the 'best lines' visible via skid marks. Love it!!

May I add one more thing to the developer(s)?
If you guys could make this game into street racing, OHHHHHHHH BOYYYYYY You'd have The most KILLER line up of racers!!

God bless! Thanks for the game/submission!

conixgames responds:

Great informative review SliceWarrior! Some great (and valid) points! That street racing idea definitely would be sweet :)