Reviews for "Skid Mk"

Scat Mario Cart?

I kinda loved this game very much, until i found the annoying bugs of course.
Its kinda like Vista. Impresive on looks but has major bugs.
Everytime you were going to a ramp you were 100% sure to fall off or not hit it unless you drived very slow and secure, which cost you alot of seconds.

Also i kinda found out as in Mario Cart 64 they items you get when in first place is either "happy scat" or "booster beans" + Computer players did not drive fast if they leaded, kinda to balance the game.

Also the slide to slide when turning was kinda hard to get used to but it was nice, the shortcuts however was a complete failure they werent usefull at all.

Graphics was amazing however.

Music was very classical and catchy.

I did not like the "scat" theme however.

The idea of the shop with coins was a brilliant idea and makes you want to play the game alot more.

Graphics 9/10
Music 8/10
Gameplay 4/10
Additional ideas: 9/10

Score: 6/10

M-Kart wanna be

I appreciate the attempt but this is nothing more than an extremely cheap and buggy attempt at a mario kart knock-off. Very few weapons which go through barriers, nothing new or excited really added and well... no originality to really speak of. The points given were purely for the fact it was made with a generally good concept (even though it was stolen) and was not a complete waste of time.

Eh, its all right

Its an ok game. the way u describe it, it made me think that the graphis could of been alot better. the game play is a lil dated. but some times old is good. i would be nice if there was a save feture where u could leave in the middle of the race of turny and come back to it later.
so its alright, not great, but not horiable


The overall look of the game is great and is very pleasing to the eye. The gameplay could have used some work, such as more weapons and powerups to use. I love the engine and it reminds me of a early PS1 or MS-DOS game

An amazing game!

The game was addictive and great fun, the tracks were well made, and the 3d engine is very good. The only thing I was annoyed with, was that the AI's always got the homing pigeons more often than me, and they always seem to target me, no matter what position I'm in whether it be 1st 2nd 3rd or 4th. As well, I'm not sure if its just bad luck, but the AI's always seemed to get the homing pigeons at the worst times for me like right before I cross the finish line, but either way I still managed to win most of the time. Well anyway, this is a great game, and I hope to maybe see another game like this from you!