Reviews for "Skid Mk"

I liked it!

I think for a flash game the 3D effects were really good, the music was pretty cool aswell, unfortunately the mario kart style racing has been done too many times so you may have to try a new approach with gaming genre.


This game has its own atmosphere. It remined me of old games like FZero, so the graphics were quite nostalgic. Some level designs are very nice, and very wacky characters you got there.

Now my problem was that I only had to push the acceleration button, and never did really need the brake. Perhaps when hitting something, the speed decrease should be much bigger.


its ok

Its allright

I think the reference to super mario kart may have misled people to believe it was supposed to have mario characters in that. The graphics are a lot better than I expected and it all runs really smoothly. 8 because there werent that many different power-ups, the characters were really weird looking, and poop is not funny its smelly and gross.

it was an ok game

it wasnt the wors game iv played but not the best ever the land scaping was cheap although i the charactors looked great it was kinda like a cheap mario kart rip off but i think that was the idea over all it was not that bad.