Reviews for "Skid Mk"

Cool garphics and accessories...

but what is the point in collecting coins if you cannot purchase anything with them?

Very good game

Reminds me of the game Wacky Races(2000)(Have it on the PC)

Good game

To AlPonch16, I believe the game has both by pressing 'p'....


Great game, but... 2 things that would have made it perfect... pause button and quit button

good overall

This was a good effort, however I think there were a few issues with this game, especially considering that the cart racing game genre is pretty huge. The graphics seemed like they were fairly good, however I didn't really feel like a lot of work was put into the character design, even though I liked some of the maps a lot. Additionally the framerate was really low for me, and I never really saw an option to change the quality which was annoying. Also an option to change the controls would have been nice as well.