Reviews for "Skid Mk"

Very goooooooooood

Rip off of Mario Kart but it was great nonetheless. If a formula works, stick to it, right? :3

300th review. :D

Awesome Fun

Sure it's similar to Mario Kart, but who cares!!! so much fun :) levels are cool, game is addictive and funny, I love the god and devil stitched together + the first 3D flash game i've seen, well done I say ^_^~!!!!!

Bad game

I can't help but feel this is a cheap rip off of Mario Kart 64, in fact even some of the themes of the race tracks seem to have been copied off of it. The marshes, broken bridge, etc. The bonuses in game are also very similar, skull balls are green turtle shells, homing pigeons are red turtle shells, etc.

The handling is extremely frustrating and there is no sense of speed whatsoever. The most excruciating part is how you need to skid on every turn but some turns obviously just don't need it.

All in all a worthless game.


reminds me alot of mario kart 64


In reply to GODBIRDNikolaos: coins can be used to buy items in the shop found on the main menu.