Reviews for "Skid Mk"

one my favs

one of the best racing games on ng! felicidades


1 one bst fun car racing game

very very good

great game

Racing, (sing-song) love it!

I love racing games, it just keeps asking to put stuff on my computer, other then that, (sing song) love it. what are the last two people by the way? I just know, Fudder, Roman bot (my racer all the time), Godfer (what is he supossed to be? a cross between God and Lucifer?) and Mr.fish.

Great to play!

This may in fact be the best racing game that I have ever played on Newgrounds. I just love how three dimensional the characters are in every sense of the word. With more stuff, I could seriously see this as being something that would be on a professional modern day system. It is also great to go through the game at your own pace. I have just been introduced to you people, and you have given me a great game already! The designs are just so amazingly creative and everything is so funny and literally colorful.