Reviews for "Edwin Ep03"

This reminds me...

This series kind of reminds me of Doctor Who. Odd but heroic main character, female companion with a back story who asks a lot of questions.
Great animation and story


Many people in this flash have "interesting" teeth.

Loved the bloopers

they should've never let me out of the nut house I have no idea what i'm saying

possible spoiler

i think the assistant girl is a vampire.... (funny ending and even more funny horse)

Kieran-s responds:

Haha, nope. I mean in ep02 she was walking around in the day.
Thanks though!

Losing that good funny

The comedy has become a bit stupid, the other episodes where better with that but the story is still really good. I like the little Ninja jump and throw knife in mid air attack. The movement was amazing in the church, getting better with the animation. Keep it up :D