Reviews for "Edwin Ep03"

hahahahhah awesome talking horse and bloopers xD i can't stop laughing
pls make more episodes. hahahahahahahhaha xD


This is fantastic. Especially the throwing knife bit. Love it.

I'm going 2 say the obvious here...

the lady in the shadows (a vampire) is the assisstants mom...like i said, obvious, "did you hurt her?' of course its the freakin mom!!!! we really didnt know her fate in the dream/memory thing so its a safe bet...OFF TO EPISODE $!!!!!!!=[)!!!!!!!

this is awsome btw...again, obvious


Hahaha, that was a close one.
I lol'd hard!

Like I said before...

Every episode gets better, and the advancement of the story is already intriguing. Like moendogamer said, the series is already great, and I can't wait ot learn more about all of the characters.