Reviews for "Edwin Ep03"


bloopers lol, the animations great, characters, plot , voice all prefect!

Lip Syncing & Missing Something Special

I felt like this was a great web series that could go on to do well, I've never seen the previous two episodes, so the review for this is solely based on animation techniques, plot, and mechanics.

The story was developed enough to keep me entertained, fantastic.

Lip syncing was spot on about 3/4 of the time, or perhaps half the time, it became distracting. You need a bit of work on your phonemes, and since I've agreed to Newgrounds foolish, unprofessional terms agreement, I can't post a link to a good reference to help you out, without someone going ape. (Shame) Do google "Lip-Synching For Animation: Basic Phonemes" though.

Additionally, there seems to be something missing from the animation which seems special or unique to it. The animation itself is perfectly fine, and even fantastic on a production scale. I'm sure you could grow to be an animator for a TV channel under a series as a result. However, it's right on the edge where I need to keep watching to be entertained, but I'm still feeling like I didn't get my minutes worth of watching.

The best "special part" was you including bloopers. I absolutely loved that, and most animators don't do that. Keep doing that, please.

Anyway, to sum it up, this was great, I may come back and watch your other works later, but keep growing and learning.

Kieran-s responds:

Hey thanks, Yeah I agree with you there. But I choose to use mouth loops instead of matching every single frame up because its very time effective and lets me concentrate on other aspects of the flash. Thanks for the tips though!


I liked it. all the jokes fit and so did everything else. i also liked the outtakes.

The Flash was great just...

At the end I lost more then couple of brain cell's.There is just one problem the flash is to epic =P.


Story, characters, animation, sound, jokes everything fits. this is awesome.