Reviews for "Edwin Ep03"


kick @$$ driver

The conversation

The conversation with the "driver" of the carriage is what makes this a 9 instead of an 8. Which is unfortunate. Because I can't give it a 9.5. I have to give it a 9 or a 10. And that's a travesty of injustice. Well, I can't give it a 10. I have to deduct points for the unnatural way they move, keeping their heads perfectly level to the ground. But when the unsuccessful vampire hunter said his name was Trevor, I couldn't help but think of strong bad email #10. "Hi! My name is Trevor! I am a vampire and", I considered giving it a 10 again. But I didn't. I was also thinking the same thing the crazy old lady did in the "outtakes" at the end when she invited the assistant into her tent the first time though, ha ha. But seriously, that assistant. Not hot at all. What the heck you talkin' bout? Her teeth creep me out. La la la la.

Kieran-s responds:

Creepy teeth are sexy,

same with matt

also i think they should be a little longer ya know so it dont get you all confused


I liked it lol, very much like some of Weebl's movies.

one other thing is that your theme song sounds a lot like the rolling stones "paint it black" song.


that was one smart chick.