Reviews for "Edwin Ep03"

Still Great

I enjoyed the humor in this episode a bit more than the others, especially the part after the credits that seemed to be animated bloopers.
Also the ending song fits perfectly.


Edwin is a horned dude, who is going to fight the last vampire and the mysterious lady in the end is hot assistant's mother, who was turned by Darius... Hmm...

Kieran-s responds:

Yeah pretty much, although Edwin isn't horned, so who might that be? Muahahaha

What Ruswut said

But it's getting better every episode
Maybe you should change the endingsong tbh :p
I loved the song at the beginning of this one

Kieran-s responds:

Hmm, not sure about that, the ending song has grown on me.
Thanks though!


I don't know why.. but something feels a bit.. off with these movies.. It's like the distinction between the sarcasm, the jokes and the serious bits aren't very clear. It kinda makes the whole thing feel sort of wooden and awkward. Otherwise it's pretty good though.

Kieran-s responds:

Hmm, yeah I get what your talking about. Thanks for the review.

way too short.

i liked it and all, but ive seen dragon ball z episodes longer than this. plus the bodies didnt move much, so there isnt much of an excuse. i think you should have done some more and released it later.