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Reviews for "[Cnyght Hunter]"

Aw man, this is awesome!
Gives the character something i couldn't give, a personality.
really wicked, love it

DESHIEL responds:

I know what would help! Added eyebrows! :D
I'm realy glad that you like this. This track wouldn't exist without your art. :)

Awesome man! great battle theme and definitely fits the picture.

DESHIEL responds:

Great ;)

Let me say:

Wow - Just wow! THe beat hooked me instantly :D Reminds me a little bit of prodigy, but is has a darker feel. Good choice of synths - awesome beat-action!
5/5, Download, Fav.

Greetings to the Czech Republic (Living near the Border)!
Best Wishes,


DESHIEL responds:

Thank you Chris.

Definitely out of the ordinary for a dnb track, but heck it's still in the general constrictions, but labeling aside the track sounds dope. Bassline is very tight man, well done.

DESHIEL responds:

Thanks man. I liked your entry too ;)

Damn dude, I loved how dark this was. Really feeling the industrial vibes dude. Those bleepy acid trance stab sounds were perfect. I know the point of industrial isn't supposed to be clean but I felt like if there was anything this song could have benefitted from it was slightly better mixing. Aside from that it's a really sick track. I love it dude.

So dark :3

DESHIEL responds:

I'm still bad at filltering bass ;D