Reviews for "Birthday Box"

Gets the job done,

It seems like a love/hate thing with short flashes. So yeah.


WTF?! "This is going to be a very short and very random film" I thought as soon as the bee collided with the balloon and exploded. Hillarious!!!

...Was that?!?....

Hank Hill?!?

Ummm... this... is confusing yet funny. Somehow xD

Intrersting and a bit random

Love this random flash that you made. I laughed when I saw I am assuming is hank hill on a bike as a mail man. I also love the guy slamming his door open to answer the door. Where did you get the sounds for the "what in the box?" and did someone voice act "happy birthday"? At the end did someone submit that letter to weird al and did he respond? The item in the box cuaght me off guard . I though it would be something gross but I laughed when I saw it. Can't wait to see more of your work. Keep up the good job and congrs. on Underdog of the week. =)


Very good! but.... whats with the thing at the end with weird Al and the letter?