Reviews for "Birthday Box"


Was that hank hill delivering that present?


+2 weird al bonus
maybe it was not weird and violent enough for me cause i just played a game with a lot of explosions (and exploding bees)
the point was not as smashing as the beginning - he could shot the and with a rocketlauncher maybe? xD

it was ok

the graphics were good, but I didn't really get the whole point.

Love it

I loved it, animation, sounds and the humor :P.
And for all the dumbasses.. Shorties are supposed to be short. ¬¬

haha woo

whoos birthday is it?

I love shorts, even if they're pointelss. The animation was top of the line - and the "wahts in the box" stapled it together. Lots of full, colorful, well animated shots. I would watch this just to appricate the work that goes into it on a regular basis.