Reviews for "Birthday Box"

Hank Hill!!!

The animation and music was really good. But thats all I got out of it. I also didn't see anything funny with an ant in a box...HEY ITS HANK!!! LOL. That was all I really laughed at. 7/10 just for the really good work put into the animations.

Where was the joke?

The animation was great, the tempo was fast, the atmosphere was humorous, and I liked the appearance made by Hank Hill. Still, I was disappointed to see a simple ant in the box and while waiting for a joke I found myself thinking "wtf, that's it?"

Try to be funny next time.


It's random enough to be hilarious, but short enough to not be irritating. I give you a 3 and a seven for a good laugh!


AND SWEET Good work random also put its a little short :(


that was nice :0