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Reviews for "4 Swords Misadventures 7"

I love it, I love it, I love it

This episode met my expectations and surpassed them, by far! The medals were a nice touch, but I'm having trouble finding the Red Link button. Any help?

This was awesome

Before I say anything else, I will say right now that your flashes are the biggest reason why I came to newgrounds. With that being said, I was highly anticipating this episode.

You wrote the story very well. It has many jokes and gags that can be understood and can also make someone laugh. It is great, as always.

Osuka's animation was very well done. That scene also showed how many animes like Naruto focus more on flashbacks then action. Everyone knows that fighting is way better than a kid in a flashback saying "why does this have to happen to me!? I can't do anything! I'm gonna be the greatest! I'm emo," and then starts crying. That was a big reason why I stopped watching Naruto.

"However, since you didn't draw it, which automatically drops this reviews score to a zero. LEARN TO DRAW BECAUSE A HAND-DRAWN FLASH WITH CRAP STORY IS THE UTTER VICTORY"

I am only kidding. Immature people who only care about how a flash looks or what tools are used to make it obviously can't look at this flash and see quality in it. If sprite-haters like the flash because of Osuka's animation, then he should keep making the animations for each episode. If the haters still hate, however, you could just be better off not bothering with the animations and just focus on the sprite part of the flash. I am pretty sure that the animation takes up a good deal of the file size, and sometimes it's best to focus on what the most loyal fans want to see in the flash. I'm not saying the your fans don't want to see the animation, but keep in mind what stuff in the flash pleases your audience the most.

Voice actors are great, as usually. It's a shame that Zelda didn't play as big of a role as in the previous episode, since Rina-chan is has amazing voice acting, but I guess it isn't too important. Heck, in the original game, Zelda wasn't seen until the end.

Lastly, the medals. I didn't find all of them yet but from the ones that I saw they were pretty funny. You should definitely keep them around.

Overall, great, as you always do. Hopefully episode 8 doesn't get as delayed as this one.

P. S. -I know that this review was long so if you read this far, thank you!


almost 2 years vv
i thought you were DEAD!
i was starting to miss this 4swords misadventures vv
but WHEN i saw this
you just made my day :)


I found the bashing on Naruto to be quite entertaining actually.
And for those that might be confused by when exactly you're supposed to do what is instructed to get the Saria's Song achievement, just use some logic... wait until you see the ocarina (pro tip: it's in the flashback sequence)


funny, epic and medals - a perfect combination