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Reviews for "4 Swords Misadventures 7"

Best original clone

I caught that teen titans joke or reference or whatever the hell you want to call it. That's why I only give you 8 instead of 10


i love those naruto scenes that was funny and the rest was just awesome! keep up the good work!

Lol pretty long awaited for this one

I have to say I was never really a fan of this series but I liked this episode. Mainly because you included some actual hand drawn animations in this one rather then just sprites. This episode reminded me of a sitcom but it may of had too many popculture jokes :P. One small thing to watch for that I noticed happened alot. Your subtitle box often doesn't cover all of the bottom of the screen. That is more of a simple fix so I thought I would mention it. Anyways good job and hopefully the next episode will come out much sooner then this one :P.



Man, this episode was so funny! I especially liked the Teen Titans reference that you put in there!

HadoukenDude responds:

Yes I admit that I took that gag from an episode of Teen Titans with Aqua Lad in it. The gag was so absurdly funny that I just had to include it in the story.

Great Movie

I loved it, even with all of the refrences. Keep up the good work and i hope to see this keep going.