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Reviews for "4 Swords Misadventures 7"

down right left, down right left

why cant i get it? i press the arrow keys on the keyboard down, right, left, down, right, left but nothing happens? can somebody tell me how or when to do it plz?

zeldas bonus scene lol.

uh oh Victor you have two lovely ladies on your butt lol. I guess you should give them what they want or it will get ugly lol.

HadoukenDude responds:

I know, right? ;)
Funny thing is that it was loosely inspired by an event that occurred with my new voice actress.

This little scene was written like around 7 months after finishing the original script. I added that bonus scene because I wanted to make it up to Beeku and at the same time make it up to Rina-chan because I initially gave her two lines in the episode, but decided to explain her character's absence in more detail.

omg nice sarias song!

so nice.
got all medals
nice mivie(mini movie)

Best ever!

Like it, make more.

Your awesome!


Lol Funny Drunk Red