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Reviews for "The Final Death Wish"


don't, pay attention to the guy below me, THIS GAME IS 100% f*ck*ng INCREDIBLE.

Arkuni responds:

Nah. You should always listen to both sides of a case, even if you don't agree :)


All it is for me is i lag i can't shoot and i get eaten alive so i can't play but i will give you a 10 because other people like it. And it looks like a cool so.....

Arkuni responds:

That was nice of you :)

Fallout Level up system...

I noticed the perk system was from fallout 3 and the weapon leveling from rachet and clank, a lot of matrix references =D and a whole load of others. Also, the active reload from Gears Of war =D. Great game, i sat there until i was the highest level all challenges completed and all weapons, armor and gadgets. All leveled up =D Best game in a while 10/10 5/5 Faved.

Arkuni responds:

Awesome ::l

Keep on playing good games ^^


this game is the best and funny game in the world!!!!!!!!!!

Wow it was amazing

Beaten it about three or so times and still isn't old! I loved the random funnnies you incorporated in it.