Reviews for "The Final Death Wish"

Easy Kills

Don't bother with any weapon otherr than the revolver. Just give it bullets that pass through enemies, ricochet and are homing and they will loop several times through the same opponant, doing 3-4+ times the damage.


Most amazing game i have EVER played. i have played a lot of games. However, you should lower the shotgun's power. it is WAY too good for the last last level.


great job doing this game please put a second part and just one good thing for angry
german kid he must love this game 2 xd

AWESOME 1.1 PATCH (once the admins approve):
--------* Added Y to dash left with for German keyboards-----.

i love this

it's awsome i need to finish the mission and i have the ultimate password

An good game

However because there is just a gun i suggest that you need to work on the weapons we want more than just a gun Like a AK-47 Or Shotgun bazooka ect... With some ammo and only the pistol is infinite.However since this game is so good im still rating it a 10 and not a 9.