Reviews for "The Final Death Wish"

1 problem...

whenever you buy the perk."drill sargeant"[tha 1 thats makes drills come out of you]and armaggendon[meteorites]u know the challenges where you have to kill all enimies with 1 specific weapon?whenever i TRY to do that the drills or meteorites steal my kills so i cant complete the challenge no matter how hard i try.....pls make it to where u can switch them on and off.if u make another one or do another update...plus i still saw a few misspelled letters.

Pretty good, but...

For one, I was slightly disappointed that it didn't share the Madness theme the other two did but meh. Also there's a bug when I play it where I can only see the first letter of the speaker's name and the first three letters of their message. Please fix that.

Awesome game

the first time i played it was at school and i got a glitch that every weapon ranks up i saw every sixth upgrade!


Great game overall..although when i first played i kept trying to press down in order to avoid things... at least a crouch or something :|...but that's my only complaint and it's negligible as far as what i thought about it.


in level 11 theres an cactus running.