Reviews for "The Final Death Wish"


10/10 it's a great game dude, ok so i've played for four hours (I have a life i'm just sick) and I thought i'd jive some tips, Ive beaten the game gotten lv 60 and gold on every gun and I have also beaten the white zone using quicksilver
1.Quick Silver and Boomstick are the best for taking out agents (I like quick silver because when you level it up the bullets are enemy seeking.
2.The twister absolutely stinks until you get to level 5
3.Use the big kaiser to set traps then switch to a different gun and finish em' off (probably won't work until you level it up to where it lasts longer.)
4.I personally don't like the aids spreader but once you get the fourty poisen it's ok.
5.Don't get just one more because there is one perk you can't get and once you are level 60 you won't need.

Arkuni, Boredcom you did a great job with this game... thanks

it was ok

i didnt get the story of it but for some reason i couldnt stop playing


The graphics aren't the best, but the game overall, was very addicting. Those who gave it a 0, didn't even try playing and are suckers!

wat ever

mckulken ur just to gay and retarded to understand how games actualy look.this is the best game i have played i cant stop playing it nice job! :D


This game is great!! i got to lvl 60 and maxed out evrything and got all achivements and perks!!