Reviews for "The Final Death Wish"

wuts the cheets?

its a awesome game! but i found out...theres cheat

cheats wont unlock medals...the cheat is 1 hit enemy kill


press t in the middle of the game and type "poo" im really not joking i sware you type poo and u get 1 hit kill

The Reycle-Bin Hero..

Concepts like this always work.. A creator and his creation working together to conquer the creators f*ck ups lol.
The nearly endless list of humorously named upgrades, the comedic cut-scenes, and the frequent references to famous blockbusters ranging from the Matrix trilogy to the X-Men franchises. The game-play and dialogue was so simple and yet sooo satisfying that I couldn't put it down lmao! A true example of what Newgrounds is all about.. Creativity with flare and character. Enjoy your ten man.


I like this game but has already seen the legend but do not have opitions


but the chainsaw is useless its teh worst weapon