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Reviews for "The Final Death Wish"

love it

i hate the fbi dudes their hard but besides that i love it

good game

love the diolog and the fallout 3 refrance (T51-C -power armor) and do you know about a game called Team fortress 2?

A great game

Played it for 3 hours, however can you disable cheats?

nice pun 8/10

the pun of the obama is real good plus im a genius at this game thanks for uploading such a fantastic game

Extremely Annoying

Deathwish 2 was pretty good, but this one is just bad, the monsters are short and hard to hit with the pistol, and the chainsaw proves to be ineffective, on the other one at least you could hit them and have some fun with it, but this one just proves to be frustrating. Also i liked the madness graphics more, even with the originality coming to mind, at least made it better looking.