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Reviews for "The Final Death Wish"


I was waiting long for a game like this. Drawings are cool, descriptions are epic

Arkuni responds:



Looks like a nice game, but like said before me there are some annoying bugs yes.

-Loading didn't seem to work after returning to the main menu.
-When I tried to start a new game, after the loading that didn't work, the game froze after the conversation.
- The ingame menu show previous and next tabs to the left and right of the menu.

Arkuni responds:

I'll look into it.


don't, pay attention to the guy below me, THIS GAME IS 100% f*ck*ng INCREDIBLE.

Arkuni responds:

Nah. You should always listen to both sides of a case, even if you don't agree :)

Didnt liked

The game looked awesome with the persk and stuffs but its freaking laggy and buggy also why didnt u sticked with your madness death wish also the idea of objective to get a brush is very stupid

Arkuni responds:

It would be much more helpful if you told me what the bugs were.


Funny , addicting , really cool play , awesome achievements.

Mastering the dash technique gives you a incredible action feeling.

Arkuni responds:

Good to hear ^^