Reviews for "Thief: Rent's Due"


i can see this being a series
please make more


That was badass.


Just like a movie..
i loved the sounds and voices.. and the animation of course

Whoo! Thief!

Who cares if Garret and the other characters are stick people. I'm using my imagination. Good job with the great animation! I think the timeline of your flash took place around Thief 3. But can you imagine if it was Thief 2? It would be a lot difficult, because all of those steam-punk robots, and its not like splinter-cell where you can easily turn it off with a gun. (Thief 2 is awesome)

expertly done

while stick movies have always show and impressive level on animation skill, this one showed more then the generic fighting you usually get. it was deeper, and you clearly had to put and amazing amount of work for it all to come together so convincingly, some deep, well thought out stealth, mixed with some humor, and a little frantic action near the end, you sir are worth of a standing ovation