Reviews for "Thief: Rent's Due"

In my mind, this animation was perfect, the scenes flowed perfectly and you stayed true to the games. The only problem I had was the sound quality of the voices as they seemed somewhat scratchy. Other than that, it was perfect. Please make more, and ignore the ingnorant oafs posting reviews complaining about a lack of violence and/or action. It's Thief! The goal of each game is to remain undetected and to not kill anyone as being able to get in and out without being seen or detected in any way is a real show of skill. Thank you Manfreak for making this awesome flash movie, please make more!

P.S. Sorry to the people below for calling you ignorant, I just wanted to point out the things you got wrong as well as the things you shouldn't be criticizing, like a lack of violence and gore, those things are not needed to make a flash animation "good". You are entitled to your opinion but please do not criticize or vote low because a flash is lacking something like that. Okay I'm done now.

nice nothing more

Good flash here.

So for a stick flash the "ANIMATION" was very fantastic, even for stick characters, so that was the first great thing i noticed, how the animation flowed very nice, and just rolled into each and next seen easily, always nice to have that in a flash, and as for it being a robin hood it gave it some sort of adventure, and the content kept me interested, so nice job on those elements, The "VOICES" cameout pretty good aswell i thought, fit the parts perfectly, so if there are any tips at all i can give for making this better, i believe the onlything i can suggest might be that maybe broaden your ideas with more then just stick characters, give them more character style characters, with the animating you can really make the flash shine, anyways nice work here.

Great flash here, if any suggestion of tips and ideas to make it better maybe, Make Characters not the stick kind, while this does take more time and effort but it will make your flash better and with more details for the characters like color, hair clothing some facial detail, it will improve on this and your characters, something to think about for this or your next film, for improvment.

.....uh it's ok but i think thir should be more action with the bow & arrows and a litte more gore.

i think it was awesome but dont you think he could of got into the place all badass and dont pplz that sneak kill who ever know about what they about to steal? but its was good tho