Reviews for "Thief: Rent's Due"

bad asss

hell yeah fukking awsome


It was a great story, funny in it's own way. the colored characters looked great. The only thing you might improve on, the shadowing. all black makes it look bulky and ugly. if it were shaded blacks for say the main character, he would look more detailed. When he reaches for the doorhandle, it's like a blob. no knuckles or lighting.


LOL 'Draynor Manor'! Great Job!

Good Job.

The sounds,voices and animation was very well done. I thought the idea of his weapons and tactis were no lethal. Would be better or a master thief not to be a murderer too. His green eye looks like a cybernecti implant. Also I have allways wonder who first came out with the idea of stick figures. I also like what he said about rich people in the end lol.

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