Reviews for "Thief: Rent's Due"

if u dont here what the thief says when the drunk dude was laking
le me help ya
... yooo hoo hoo and a bottle of rum
that what gibbs says on the pirates of the caribian
awesome video guys :P

Ah, I remember that game. love this.

So, I watched your vid in hopes of finding something new to say about it.... and indeed I have.
Almost half of the vid has no dialogue, and when there is, it seems out of place. I noticed that after the drunk guard scene... um.. unnecessary dialogue really killed the mood set by the first half.
Thats all I have to add, I hope it helps. I like the vid a lot, great work.

lol ending hmm where did i put it?... (guy jumps out window holding sack o' cash smiling)

i love theif i wish for a reboot to the games