Reviews for "Thief: Rent's Due"

make a second movie of this thief :D

it was amazing

This is amazing, and also
i see what you did there, Garret. and the style of how you wrote thief.


I like the fact how he's an actual Thief, most videos show murder, but he uses "Ninja" techniques and never kills, the most he done is stab someone in the hand. Great animation, lots of effort and I really enjoyed it.


great animation! and for those of you dont see it loading. it might be that your loading it too fast or something like that. mine show me that the loading bar is full but it says its at 0%. to play it, right click the video and then click on play. that'll get to to the play menu.

I remember how this inspired me to play the Thief games.
4 stars because of the eye thing and 1 more for the inspiration - 5 stars from me!