Reviews for "Lady Noir"



Mirror's Edge Music...
Meh, Why not.
I felt this just.. Lacked some kind of story planning.
I can totally hear a guy saying "Yeah, criminal woman, yeah, gangstah - hitman style".
Animation is a second priority matter when you have a nice story... But when your story has the value of a "Second Priority Matter", animation is what SOMETIMES can save a movie. In this case, it just did it mildly interesting.

It has my 7 and my 4.


good story, animation was really choppy. Like, there were parts that were animated well and others that were like layers skipping over each other. like the story though


Not the best collaboration, but not the worst ive seen either. It might be because I wasnt really into the whole Lady Noir thing like you were, but I tried to keep that aside. I like the music and because I knew what the stories were about, the story telling wasnt bad. Could use more art work and voice overs on the greed one. But besides that I enjoyed it. I didnt enjoy it alot, but enjoyed it. Since I dont believe in giving out below 5, Ill give it a 7. Not the best of anything ive seen, but not the worst either.


a bit disturbing not much else to say

pretty kool :D

i think this short sends out a pretty clear message and b'cuz the fact that it doesn't portry a woman as weak but as a creature that can be equally evil as man