Reviews for "Lady Noir"

that was realy good. the only thing about it was that first animation was kinda hard to look at. keep practiceing youll get good with time. all the others were great!!!

Could be much better

I'm not saying it's bad, just that I think you could do a lot better. This was a really great idea, so you could have done something much better.

Such promise!

This had so much promise! But the animation and music failed. I offer some constructive criticism: Work on your animation, and get the music to flow smoother.


it starts out with a very, colledge movie project like feel, and chopy animation. but the redemtion of this i feel is really the advancment of the plot, being a long movie it really gives you a chance to create a good story.

not bad

The first one was a pile of stink. The animation and rendering were crums. The rest were fun.

second piece: Very cool style but.... music did not fit.

Third piece: very fun nice style smooth animation - bravo :)

Fourth: very cool style but you lack consitency in your colors, is she black, or grey? Depends on the shot. Keep it uniform! Good story arc :)