Reviews for "Lady Noir"

nice storytelling

This is a very nice collab. I like the general idea and I very much liked the sinister stories. Visually the movies were a bit on-off though. I love scene 2 and 4. Scene 3 was okay. Scene 1, I'm sad to say, looked a bit less awesome. Keep working on your drawing skills and you'll get there. There's no harm in 'stealing' visual styles from other designers and work with those.

Great Stuff, song?

What the hell is the opening song from, i swear to god i've heard it and it's on the tip of my tongue but no luck!!!


It was sweet the first one couldve been animated better but im not gunna say much cuz i cant make a flash to save my life. However, my biggest problem with this is that it had a formula that Lady Noir was a criminal so what was with the 2nd animation making her a naked feral zombie?

not bad

a little confusing at first just thought it was going to be that short intro movie if it was that i would of been real good. but as yo u showed other stuff i got a confused for a moment but then got back on track.
my main concern is that at times the art was shabby and sometimes even the flash itself. and the artwork changes alot but it was alright. the point got across, the music was good, the flash was a little over par and the story was decent

that was realy good. the only thing about it was that first animation was kinda hard to look at. keep practiceing youll get good with time. all the others were great!!!