Reviews for "Lady Noir"

nice storytelling

This is a very nice collab. I like the general idea and I very much liked the sinister stories. Visually the movies were a bit on-off though. I love scene 2 and 4. Scene 3 was okay. Scene 1, I'm sad to say, looked a bit less awesome. Keep working on your drawing skills and you'll get there. There's no harm in 'stealing' visual styles from other designers and work with those.

Is She Dead?


All of those kicked ass, keep up the good work,.

Great Stuff, song?

What the hell is the opening song from, i swear to god i've heard it and it's on the tip of my tongue but no luck!!!

Entertaining, not perfect.

Nice collection, not sure if they were all really Noir, but still entertaining stories.

To the first animation, a nice twist at the end, your story is good. Your style is very inconsistent though, sketchy and unfinished in some areas, and extremely exact and geometrical in others. It looks to me like you ran out of time and had to rush it out. Maybe refine it and resubmit it on its own later?

To the second animation, not really Noir at all... Very little story, its more of a "hey look at this robot tittie lady kill people." I like your style of art, perhaps work with a writer in the future? Music choice was not appropriate, in my opinion. Perhaps you were trying to be ironic with the choice, but I felt it didn't help your animation at all.

To the third animation, you were my favorite. :) As others mentioned, its not exactly Noir, more a gangster theme. Despite that, it was a well written story with a nice style of art and while the animation was a little limited (shooting tommy guns one handed looked awkward) it got the meaning across. The ending was just about perfect, gotta applaud that.

to the fourth animation, still not quite Noir, but not bad at all. Honestly, change the clothing a bit, trench coats and evening gowns for instance, it would have helped a lot. Very short, which isn't always a bad thing. At the end I assume the gunshot was her, but it wasn't quite clear. Seems a little unlikely that she could have shot with that big gun so close. I'm just nitpicking though.

Overall, an interesting collection, I see a lot of potential! Keep on it.

not bad

a little confusing at first just thought it was going to be that short intro movie if it was that i would of been real good. but as yo u showed other stuff i got a confused for a moment but then got back on track.
my main concern is that at times the art was shabby and sometimes even the flash itself. and the artwork changes alot but it was alright. the point got across, the music was good, the flash was a little over par and the story was decent