Reviews for "Lady Noir"


Oh, sweet. It's finally out!

A nice job, indeed! I think my favorite was the second scene and the very last one. Also, the music was indeed the best part about this collaboration. I totally enjoyed it. Everyone did great work!

Scene two was great!

The one by Denzel-Crocker is amazing. I'd like to see more of that animation perfected one day. Had an old school Aeon Flux kinda feel. Over all, the whole project came out pretty good. Congrats.

Part 1...

To the animator of Part 1: You have solid camera work and storytelling skills. What you need to focus on is your quality of art and fluidity of motion.


I don't see what all the fuss is about. It's merely a retelling of the same story by different people. It's actually interesting to see how different something can be when given to someone else.


Hardcore! That Lady is no Lady!


For some reason this reminded me of Heavy Metal...